June 11 Class

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June 11 Class

We had a great class today!! It was hot!!!


  1. Out­stand­ing job guys !Rose and I learned some great rid­ing /handling tech­niques at your train­ing class.We would encour­age any­one to take this course.
    Again,a great job but can you do any­thing about the heat?

  2. The class was great from the begin­ning open­ing remarks to the very last analy­sis. We began with the most basic step up to and includ­ing more advanced. The class is designed to cap­i­tal­ize on the skills we already pos­sess as expe­ri­enced rid­ers. How­ever they taught us the secret of the “GRAY AREA.” This was the best secret revealed on how Motor Offi­cers are taught. With­out it, noth­ing of sub­stance could be accom­plished. BUT with it noth­ing is out of sight. You must take the course to learn the secret as we were sworn to secrecy in reveal­ing it to the unini­ti­ated. (heh, heh) Sin­cerely, Dave and Hay­den you taught my bike and I was capa­ble of much more than I imag­ined and was capa­ble of doing. Again thanks for the per­sonal atten­tion you gave this old man. I encour­age every­one I tell to take advan­tage of this course. If you do not, shame on you and you will be miss­ing out on the secret for proper riding.

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