July 9 Class

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Due to some re-scheduling, this class ended up with only a cou­ple of rid­ers. This means the rid­ers who were there spent more time on the track. My hat is definetly off to you guys for endur­ing the heat. Nor­mally you would fin­ish a lit­tle early with a smaller class. That didn’t hap­pen because these guys were deter­mined from start to fin­ish. I admire your work ethic and your will­ing­ness to chal­lenge yourself.

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  1. Hey David and Hayden,

    I know this is long over due. But I wanted to do the full expe­ri­ence of the class. Due to a recall on my brakes, the heat of the sum­mer and other oblig­a­tions I was not able to imme­di­ately but into prac­tice the things that Hay­den cov­ered. Now that the weather is great, bike has recall work com­pleted and installed some tip over bars, it is time to evaluate.

    For you indi­vid­u­als read­ing this review that do not know me. I am the one on the red bike in the pho­tographs pro­vided above. I am 52 years old, started rid­ing motor­cy­cles at age 40. First bike was 1989 PC800, traded for 2002 ST1100 and trade for cur­rent 2008 ST1300. Cur­rent bike has adjustable seat, adjustable wind­shield and ABS. This is the 3rd rid­ing school I have attended. Each bike has brought a new school.

    I attended this class on July 9th, 2011 with one other rider. Hay­den Brown was the instruc­tor. The day was sunny and EXTREMELY HOT. We started the day with Hay­den giv­ing an overview of the days les­son plan. He told us that this class was only the start of our train­ing, since we would need to prac­tice the skills he was going to be cov­er­ing. Since I can not ride around with cones, I asked the alter­na­tive. He sug­gested ten­nis balls cut in half and an out of the way park­ing lot. (I have the ten­nis balls cut in half now, LOL) Hav­ing a bike that cost approx 1200.00 for replace­ment sad­dle bags, I opted to put a safety mea­sure of tip over bars since the class has ended. Note: My bike did tip over dur­ing one of my exer­cises and thus made me a lot more con­ser­v­a­tive. The prob­lem with the tip over came in a u-turn and I did not keep power to the rear wheel. The tip over did not cause any dam­age as I was on a flat sur­face. For future rid­ing, I added the bars as a finan­cial decision.

    Hay­den pro­vided tons of encour­age­ment and excel­lant details on what he was cov­er­ing in the class. For my ana­lyt­i­cal mind, it was enough to sat­isfy my thoughts with­out bor­ing me. He gave exam­ples of the drills as it pre­tained to street appli­cal rid­ing. There were enough break ses­sions, dur­ing the heat, for rehy­drat­ing. There were a few things cov­ered in this class that I had not heard (or remem­bered) from the other classes I attended. But, there was noth­ing cov­ered in the other class that isn’t cov­ered here.

    The cons to this class: The Louisiana HEAT in July
    The pros to this class: Excel­lent instruc­tion from pro­fes­sion­als that do this for a liv­ing, Excel­lent instruc­tion from pro­fes­sion­als that do this for a liv­ing, Excel­lent instruc­tion from pro­fes­sion­als that do this for a living.

    Regard­less of your level of rid­ing skill, the instuc­tors can present you with a chal­lenge to make you bet­ter and more con­fi­dent, so you can enjoy your rid­ing expe­ri­ence. This is where you need to start your train­ing. This is my rid­ing class for the future… Great job Hay­den and David, keep it up.

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